I am a shadow on the wall

A ghost in the corner

A whisper lost to the wind

I am here, but am I really?

Symphonies of ideas echo in my mind

Worlds laid out in intricacies

Words line up, ready to be born

From lips cracking of disuse


Always lost upon the precipice

Fading away before becoming known

Words claw with desperation

Desperate to be unleashed


Thrashing and thrusting against

A mouth that refuses to part

Melodies of interwoven conversation flit past

Voices joining to continue the story


The world keeps turning

(Was it always this fast?)

Yet I remain

Waiting to be heard


Fragments fall from parted lips

A word, a phrase

So much less than the novel within

Missed meaning, missed connection

(Will I ever win?)


Torrents of words fighting to be heard

From the void between worlds

Each word unspoken filling me to breaking

A crushing, wrenching, twisting desperation

To just be heard


In silence, I sit

Like the ghost in the corner

Like the shadow on the wall

Lost in the space between worlds

Neither here nor there