Countless clashing colors form the landscape

Bodies weave and walk in a disorganized dance

Voices mingle together into a growing din

Backed by the dissonant symphony of crashing carts,

Thundering fans, piercing beeps, a muddled cacophony

Perfumes mix with cleaners mix with food mix with…


The scene is set, now let’s progress

Weave through the crowds

Mind set on the goal

In and out quick as can be

Eyes to the ground

Don’t let them see


One down, five to go

Search them out

Find the rest

Try our best to survive


Eeek, eeek, eeek

Mind piercing

Can’t ignore




Grow the colors

Grow the noise

Grow the touch


Can’t escape

Can’t get away

Cover my ears

Cover my eyes

Try to shut down

Move faster



They’re all looking




Eeek, eeek, eeek

Can’t think

Must escape

Too bright

Too loud

Too much

Make it STOP


The screeching fades away

Becoming a part of the distance

My feet having carried me far enough


Slowly, gradually, senses calm

The colors seem less bright

The dissonant din becomes easier to tolerate


Having found safety I continue on

Finishing my shopping quick as can be