Suddenly, I sink

The stone atop my chest

The weight of a thousand worlds

Pulling me down and under into


Deep in this pit, light fades

The darkness takes on life

A monster grasping and clutching

Tearing away at my being


Voices whisper and echo

Doubts and paranoia swirl

Constant as heartbeat

Not good enough

Not good enough

Not good enough

Never enough


The darkness warps and twists

Morphing all that comes in

Until all is like itself

Dark and damaging


The weight builds

Pulling me deeper

My limbs fall weak

A body draining of life

A soul drained of hope


Never getting better

This will never end

This is and always will be

Never better



A hand reaches in

Deep into the darkness

A gesture of warmth

Brining the glimmer of light

Of hope


The darkness tries to hold me down

The weight attempts to trap me

But I fight, and fight, and fight

Finally grasping hold of the hand

Latching on to hope

Suddenly, I rise