Thoughts begin to spiral

The maelstrom begins

Angry, vicious, biting thoughts

Tearing me down and away

Self-hatred, self-loathing

Consume and devour

Faster and faster

Speed the thoughts of destruction




I command myself to stop

Stop the thoughts

The self-bashing

The degredation


Think of three good things

Three good things about yourself

Three things you like about yourself


The struggle begins

The maelstrom pulling harder

Trying to trap me within

But I fight


One: I’m a good writer

I cling to this

I know this to be true


Find more, find two more

Keep fighting to find more


Two: I care deeply

For those I love


Find another, one last thing


The storm is quieter


I keep fighting


Three: I am strong


The waters have subsisded

The storm has calmed

Peace returned


For once, the battle won