Fear takes hold

An icy grip that brings forth tears

Torrents that stream down burning cheeks

Jokes that don’t sound funny

Buzz about in an overloading mind

Building and echoing to become inescapable


A bleak future overcomes my vision

A life spent watching my beloved die

And when he does, will I?


Illness takes and takes

Robbing us of what once was

Of what could have been


Uncertainty my greatest foe

The unknown an impending hurricane

Will he live or will he slowly die?


Will he greet that old friend death too soon?

A life cut short, a life spent in pain

Is it ever not too soon?


No answers to the endless questions

Illness takes and robs

But leaves nothing in return


Fear holds and tears still fall

We know not what is to come

But the possibilities are daunting


Answers evade us

Leaving us in the murky waters of the unknown

Left to wonder what the future holds


If the future…