Love Trumps Hate

A banner we fought under

A proclamation and a call to action

An assertion of compassion

A declaration of acceptance

We fought for love

And the universe laughed

We rose up against hate

We fought back bigotry

Decried misogyny and racism

Battled xenophobia and ableism

Homophobia and transphobia

We fought against hate

And the universe laughed


The people spoke

But no one listened

Majority mattered not

The will of the people discarded

We spoke up

And the universe laughed


The universe laughed

And we cried

And mourned

And felt our fear


The universe laughed

But we will rise up

We will join together

Continue the fight


We’re not giving up

We’re not giving in

Together we are strong

Together we spread love

Together we fight hate

The universe laughed

But so will we