My mouth aches with words unspoken

Words that bounce and echo in the mind

Words with meaning and importance

Words I should say

Words I can’t say

I feel the aching in my bones

The burning of my body

Yet the words stayed locked up

Unable to be uttered


Trapped by a disconnect

A disconnect between mind and mouth

Inconsequential words spill out

Like milk across the floor


Simple words lacking meaning

Fall as easily as autumn leaves

Covering the ground with nothing words

Yet the words that matter

Lay trapped within


The words my soul yearns to release

Are stuck in a tumultuous mind

A mind that just won’t let go

But no one notices


They hear the words that fall

Hear the tiny nothing words

Yet don’t understand their lack of meaning

To them these words mean I’m fine


It means I can speak if I want to

But they don’t understand

They can’t see the piles of words

Stacks of words building up in my head


They don’t understand what it’s like

To have a mouth still move

But be unable to speak

Unable to release my truth


Finally, after too long

And too much

The most pressing words

The ones that must be said

Eke out with giant push


They take these words

They treat them like the nothing words

Giving equal importance

Never understanding the effort

The pain

Of forcing an uncooperative mouth

To speak