I ache for the way things once were

For long nights filled with endless sharing

The ease of conversation that flowed as a river

Constant and smooth

I cling to the way things were

Clutching desperately to the wisps

Of long passed memories

Of better times now gone


I hope for the impossible

For words to be unspoken

For pain and hurt to fall away

For a return to what once was


Is there still a chance for change?

Still an opportunity for mending

Or have the knives been thrown

And wounds cut deep

Left scars that can’t be healed


Do I hold on out of love

Or fear of change?

Do I cling to this with hope

Hope that all will one day be well

Or do I desperately grasp

At that which never will be again?


Once upon a time

In my far off memories

All was well

And all was good

Love and caring carried us

Shared secrets and familiar pain

Bound us together

In what I thought would never end


Yet now I sit and must wonder

Is what’s left only fear and complacency?

Has my fear of change left me clinging,

Grasping at the ghost of love?


Only time will tell if we can be saved

If there is anything left to be saved

If our wounds will heal and allow for peace

Or if the blows went too deep

Leaving wounds that will always ooze and burn


I fear the change of losing you

I fear the restructuring of my life

When you are no longer in it

But is fear really worth the pain?