She is happy

Bouncing and flapping reveal her joy

Words quickly spill

Like waterfalls from her mouth

I am depressed

I sink within myself as if to disappear

Each word I speak

A monumental effort


She is bubbly and engaging

Drawing in those around her

She is energy and light

Beauty and grace


I am weakened and forlorn

Retreating from the world

Full of darkness and lethargy

Misery and pain


She is confident

Loving and kind

She is stable

A rock in the storm of the world


I am a brittle leaf

A drift in the winds

Always breaking more

Though already broken


She is hopeful

Seeing the beauty of the world

Trusting in good

Confident in the powers of love


I am defeated

Crushed by the weight of existence

Trusting no one

Unsure of reality


Yet she is me

And I am her

We are one in the same

At different points in our path


When I am her

I forget what it’s like to be me

When she is overtaken by me

We forget what it’s like to be her


There is darkness or light

Pain or hope

Destruction or creation

Misery or joy


When one exists

The other forgotten

A distant memory

As if it belongs to another


There is no permanence of emotion

At least not for us

When depression takes hold

Good times are all but forgotten


But when happiness transcends

Darkness fades away into obscurity

Like a wisp of smoke

Dissolved in the winds


She is me

And I am her

If I only I could remember