Clatter crash goes the bottle

Held in my hand but a moment ago

Scattering across the floor

Evading grasping hands

Feet stumble and trip

Catching on nothing

Each foot jaggedly moving

Not listening to the brain


Splash! The liquid pours

Covering counters and floors

Can I cry if what’s spilled

Isn’t milk upon the ground?


Fingers like awkward spider legs

Grip and grasp but can’t get hold

Each finger twisting and jerking

Moving out of control


Stomp goes the foot

Anger spilling out

Needing release

Frustration overwhelms


Limbs flail and flounder

Unable to open the door

Or gather belongings

Or do anything that’s needed


A dyspraxic body

With an over tired mind

Falls in a heap

Lost to the frustration of failure