I love you in clichés

In the way of tired old phrases

Given new life

By the vigor of our love

You are my rock in the storm

Yet the storm is my mind

A brainweird mess

Full of symptoms and coping skills

A dark labyrinth of depression

Psychosis, pain, fear, and self-loathing

But you hold me steady

You provide an anchor in the storm

Holding me to myself

When self starts to slip away


You are my light in the darkness

The bright point of all my days

You spirit shines so brightly

To guide me back to who I am

Your words give me hope

Help me find a way through

The impenetrable darkness

Of depression and disease


Your touch alights my senses

Bringing peace and tranquility

A rescue from the anxiety and panic

That often fills my days


I love you in clichés

You are my light in the dark

My rock in the storm

My best friend

My lover

My everything


Yet the clichés don’t feel worn out

When I apply them to you

In these tired old phrases

I find the truth of our love reflected


Small phrases and little words

That capture a glimpse

Of what you mean to me

Our love can be spoken in clichés

Yet never truly captured


Our love transcends what words can say

Truth lying in the caress of a face

A meeting of lips

Silent words passing from one to another

Two brainweird lovers

Who have found home in each other