How do you find a word that doesn’t exist?

How does one describe the ineffable?

How do we name that for which we have

No precedent upon which to work from?

Words, words, words

All meaningless yet full of meaning

Layers of meaning, contradictory meaning

Meaning established through years and centuries


My mind is filled with words

Words upon word upon words

Stacks of words and all their meanings

Line the walls of my mind, ready for use


Yet here I stand before you

And words escape me, betray me

I cannot catch a word to describe

All that you mean to me


There is love, a word with so much meaning

And ours is passionate, yet not romantic

Contradictory though it may seem

A burning love that transcends assumption


We share understanding unlike that previously known

A soul that knows another, mind knowing mind

You understand my shaky, I understand the paranoid

We understand so much, though different we may be


When you are hurting, I hurt too

And I know it’s the same for you

When you are joyous, I share that joy

Amplifying the joy between us


When my mind crumbles and breaks

You are always there to help

You hold my hand, and pick me up

Saving me from the depths of oblivion


When your reality begins to shatter

And your mind plays tricks on what matters

I will always be here to guide you through

To offer reassurances of what is true


We both care so much, and so deeply

We share our truths that often go unspoken

You are my friend, and I am yours

But friend seems so insufficient


We love but are not lovers

We are passionate but not romantic

We are so much more than friends

Yet not in the way everyone seems to think


Maybe one day we will find the words

Or make the words to describe

Everything we mean to one another

In a way that truly captures all