A shadow hangs over

Both palpable and untouchable

A darkness that suffocates

Yet cannot be grasped


A cloud made of maybes

Of the what ifs and never wills

Of the opportunities evaporated

Of all the possibilities long forgotten

Illness robbed and killed

Destroying what might have been

Replacing bright futures

With days of pain striving for survival


We fight for positivity

Striving to find each silver lining

Searching for light

Finding beauty in each small grace


Yet try as we might

Sometimes the light fades away

And darkness takes hold

Dragging us into the depths


We fall into the abyss

Of the might haves and never weres

The lost opportunities

And futures that have fallen


We mourn for what might have been

And what will never be

We mourn for the nevers

All the lost possibilities


Hope will come again

For the future that remains

Maybe not today or even tomorrow

But one day soon hope will return


Yet for now we are caught

In the dark cloud of what ifs

Left to mourn for the intangible

For all that will never come