Once upon a time

In time and place not far away

Though it seems like eternities

Passed in between

There lived to two people

Whom the world perceived

As man and woman

Though we’ll soon learn

Appearances are deceiving


This man and his bride

His nonbinary bride

His yet to be bride

Were but a couple

Two friends exploring

What could be


The world was bright

Full of hope and light

Despite the endless wars

The constant fight

Against the demons and darkness

That plagued the night


The two joined forces

Fighting side by side

Striving to use

Their immeasurable talents

In the fight for what is good


The future held promise

A shining trail of possibility

So many opportunities,

So many changes lay ahead


Until one dark day

The two awoke

And the world had changed


Yet their world had not changed

In an instant or overnight

As one may expect

But rather so gradual

That they barely seemed to notice

At least not until it was too late


His body began to fail him

Losing the feel of skin against skin

Legs lay languish, abilities lost


The sound of piano key tinkling

No longer graced their home

His fingers too stiff to weave

The graceful melodies of yesteryear


Meanwhile, his partner faded

Pain wracked her insides

Dropping her to her knees

In a desperate prayer

To whatever may be out there


Pain became a constant theme

The thread that bound their stories

Each waking moment, a moment of pain

Morning to night, day in, day out


The hope of days gone by

Now fell away like ashes

All the possibilities

All the opportunities and maybes

Now lay shattered at their feet

The latest victims in the wars that wage

Not among countries or peoples

But within the bodies of our two protagonists


The two grew trapped

Within the pit of Despair

Surrounded by the memories

Unending reminders

Of what could have been


But trapped among the ruins as they were

The two found strength in each other

In spite of pain and broken bodies

The two, holding hands, turned to face the world



The broken shards of possibility

Still lay at their feet

Yet out of the rubble

Out of the ruins of what could have been

The two are rebuilding

Finding new ways to live


The possibilities of yesteryear

May long have passed away

But the future is not as bleak

As it looked upon that day

The day the two realized

How much things had changed


The battle going forward

May be all uphill

But with the strength,

The love and care,

Found within this pair

A light has appeared

To guide them forth

Upon a newfound path


Rough the journey may be

Full of trials and monsters

Lurking out of sight

With one another to rely on

Our heroes will find their way

To happier and better days