Emotions explode

Like lava from a volcano

Hot and fiery

Dangerous to the touch

Yet beautiful and full of awe

The world glows with new light

A radiance glittering across

Familiar landscapes

Like a portrait animated

The surrounding world comes to life


Sweet words pass from parted lips

Small whispers echoing like thunder

Words said many times before

Now filled with a new life

New meaning

Words unable to capture

The magnificence of feeling


Two long-time lovers

Caught in the breath of love

As if born anew

A flame rekindled

Though never faded


Between lover’s eyes

Pass words to fill libraries

Attempting to capture

To convey

The floods of feelings

The magnitude of love


It is passion past recognition

Caring from the depths of the soul

It is joy abounding

Happiness in every fiber of being

There is connection so strong,

So strong it can hurt

Yet, there is so much more


Emotions without words

Feelings too intense

To be pinned down or captured

Conflicting feelings

Confusing feelings

So very many feelings


Feelings that have brought my world to life

Feelings that cannot be spoken but rather shown

Feelings that come together in this thing we call



Oh love, ineffable love

Words cannot do justice

To this newfound light

That radiates from me to you

Glowing and warming

Solidifying home