We celebrate being autistic

For doing so is a revolutionary act

In a world that demeans us

Picks us apart, destroys us

Trying to create a “normal person”

From the shards of an autistic

It is an act of resistance to say

“I am autistic and I am proud”

To not just accept the our difference

But to celebrate the autistic traits

The ones that make us unique

We embrace the ways our bodies move

Celebrating each flap of the hands

Finding joy in rocking, bouncing bodies

Seeing the beauty in bodies that differ

Bodies that are visibly autistic in movement


We celebrate the creativity of autistics

The art and music and writing we create

The poems that may not make sense to others

But ring true in the hearts of us outcasts

The art born of dyspraxic hands and autistic minds

The stim toys created though such talent

To bring relief and joy to so many


We celebrate minds that function differently

Minds that see beauty in the small things

In dancing light and specks of dust

Minds that see the world through a different lens

Finding solutions no one else would see


We celebrate a life lived in extremes

Senses that experience the world intensely

Feeling beauty and pain so very deeply

Taking the bad for the sake of so much good

Emotions felt to the depth of the soul

Feeling so intensely alive


We celebrate our community

The amazing, beautiful people come together

Sharing beauty and wisdom and tips for a better life

A community of the outcasts and weirdos

All of us who have faced so much for the ways we are

Come together in solidarity to fight for a better world

One in which those with brains like our can live better

A hope for a future without quiet hands

A future of true acceptance not tolerance


We celebrate being autistic as a revolutionary act

For in this world in which we live

To live openly and proudly as our autistic selves

Is an act of rebellion