Thoughts swirl like flakes in a blizzard

Faster and faster in an indistinguishable blur

Each flake a part of the growing mass

Unable to be plucked from the mounting storm


Images flit through the mind’s eye

Too fast to be see with any degree of clarity

Yet even without truly seeing

Panic sets in like an iceberg in my chest

Long forgotten memories float to the surface

Memories that would be better left in the past

Remembrances filled with pain and anguish

Recollections of lost control and betrayal


The storm takes hold, an icy blizzard of the mind

The flakes of thoughts swirl faster still

Burying my chest under the weight of memory

Pain so heavy each breath comes labored


Within the whirling mass of blurred thoughts

A figure appears born of old memory

Like a falling icicle fear pierces my chest

It is him, my betrayer, my enemy


That old familiar face once thought forgotten

Sears through the icy storm of thought

A looming ghost of days gone by

The specter of ghastly fear personified


Then it’s gone, the apparition vanished

Yet still remains the agony and terror

Like an echo growing louder as it rebounds

Trapped within the swelling, swirling storm