I stand alone atop the mountain

Cut off from the hustle and bustle

Isolated with the ebbing and flowing

The life of nature


A quiet stillness falls upon me

A muted world grown tranquil

The mists rise to meet the skies

Creating a cloud to offer silence


Small creatures wind their way about me

Beautiful ravens huddling not long off

Their coats gleaming in the half sun

Waiting, but for what?


In the stillness, I find peace

A calm that spreads through my being

A serene joy that alights my senses

Finding my place among the birds and the mist


Hands flap in a pale imitation of the raven

Small flaps to express such inner peace

My body sways and rocks back and forth

Carried by the gentle winds of day


I am happy

I am peaceful

I am serene

I am autistic


It is through these autistic eyes I see

Absorbing the beauty of nature surrounding me

Seeing what others may not

Appreciating the smallest of beauties in the world


The gentle stillness calms my senses

Making all right in my world

My body and mind align for peace

Enabled by the magnificence of tranquility


Yet the moment must end

I must return to the other world

The world of too bright, too loud,

Too many expectations of behavior


My happy hands fall flat at my sides

The peaceful stimming come to an end

I brace myself for what may come

Steeling my nerves for the onslaught


I open the door to reenter their world

Slammed immediately by the noise

The incredible loudness of these people

The lights too bright and smells too strong


My nerves catch fire

Anxiety builds

Tensions grow

I retreat into myself

Dreaming of the next chance for