The world was bright and alive

The stars having aligned

Good graces granting peace


Laughter and joy consumed many days

Happiness radiating like the setting sun

And all was right and all was good


Yet In one small moment

One breath of a moment

Everything changed


The world grew dark

Like curtains drawn

Blocking out all light


Yet the world was nothing

In comparison to you

In contrast to the way we were


In one small moment

Everything about us changed

Like a flower cut too soon


The river of conversation

Once plentiful and unending

Now trickles like a lazy stream


What once was close

Now feels closed off

A wall built out of nothing


Yet still we try

To rebuild the past

To rekindle what we were


Yet still I wonder

Is all for naught?

For what do we still fight


Can a moment damage irreparably?

Destroying all that was built

With one small gesture


Yet still we fight

For love and truth

For hope and friendship


The storm will pass

Leaving wreckage in its wake

A mess that will need cleaning


Yet with love and hope

We’ll muddle through

Repairing all the damage


Not today and likely not next week

But one day soon, one near day

We will find the beauty in the wreckage


And so we fight against the storm

Pushing back against the raging winds

To struggle our way back to peace