Too young to be sick, they say

At least you have your health, they say

Just exercise more, they say

Have you tried yoga? they say


A young body wracked with pain

A body that looks healthy to untrained eyes

A body rebelling against its owner

Every day spent in pain


Yet they tell me I’m not sick

Ignore my pain, my disease

Just think positively they say

Erasing my struggles, my disability


Just try harder, they say

But you don’t look sick, they say

Your disease isn’t real, they say

You’re invalid, is what they mean

I don’t believe you, is what they mean


Doctors deny help, deny relief

Citing addiction and reliance

They say it doesn’t treat the cause

But why is my pain not worth treating?


Ableism courses through their veins

Ingrained deep within their minds

A virus that has poisoned the masses

Eating away at compassion and understanding


Ableism says you’re not sick enough

Ableism says you just need to try harder

Ableism says better in pain than addicted

Ableism says better dead than disabled


Ableism is a many headed beast

It prowls in the shadows coming for us all

For the physically disabled, the mentally ill

The developmentally or intellectually disabled


Our worth is questioned, our very humanity

We are seen as burdens upon society

Wastes of space for not fulling our capitalistic duties

Less than human because we are different


Ableism comes for the mentally ill

Saying it’s all in your head (yeah, thanks)

Judging all aberrations from the norm

Telling us we are lesser, we are burdens


We are told to medicate to oblivion

Erase all traces of mental difference

But don’t take meds for they will change you

You don’t really need them for an issue of the mind


Everyone feels sad sometimes, they say

Just exercise more, they say

You’re just too sensitive, they say

Are you sure you’re not just seeking attention?


Ableism comes for the developmentally disabled

The autistics and ADHDers and more

Excusing our murderers of their crimes

Saying it’s understandable because we are such burdens


Act more normal, they say

Erase who you are to be like us, they say

Rip yourself apart, hurt yourself

To be normal like us, they say


Ableism prowls, waiting to attack

It lurks inside us all, deep within our minds

It hides in doctors and caregivers

Parents, friends, employers, all


Ableism is killing us

Allowing for the murder of our kind

Excusing our deaths as understandable

Letting our murderers go free


Ableism keeps us from living full lives

It keeps the world inaccessible

It keeps us from receiving needed treatment

It says our lives are not worth living


But we, the disabled, say no!

Our lives having meaning and joy

We are just as human as those who deny us

We deserve to have access to the world


Ableism will say no more

We say that our pain matters

We say that we are not burdens

We say that our lives matter


We say, we are trying as hard as we can

We say, we are the authorities on our own disabilities

We say, we will determine what is best for our lives

We say, we will fight back against ableism

Now and forevermore