In the place between dreams and waking

When dreams meld with the sights and sounds

The waking world mixing with the unreal

It is here I find myself, though I do not lay to rest

Awake and alive I travel through day

A body going through the motions

Tedious tasks accomplished by rote

Yet still I linger in the place between sleep

This body is not real, or at least it doesn’t feel so

I am a mind floating alone, drifting through space

Disconnected from the shell I normally inhabit

Am I dreaming or do I wake?

Voices mutter all around me, indistinguishable voices

Noise cluttering the air making it hard to think

But honestly, it’s not the voices, not the mutters

It’s simply hard to exist right now

The dream continues, awake though I may be

Where my heart should be, something foreign lives

My fingers grasp and clasp wanting to claw through

Wanting to remove the intruder

I exist in the space between waking and sleeping

Dreams take over my mind while reality continues on

Nothing feels real, I am not real

Am I dreaming or do I wake?