Dear little one

The journey will be tough

With many hills to climb

And many battles fought


Dear little one

The road will be uneven

With many holes and crests

Upon which to catch your foot


Dear little one

You will struggle and fall

You will face great challenges

You seemed destined to fail


Dear little one

Life will be hard for you

Harder than for most

Insurmountable challenges

Hanging before you


Dear little one

You are so strong

Having faced so much

At so young an age


Dear little one

You will climb mountains

You will win great battles

Even when hope seems lost


Dear little one

You are so much more than you know

You are a light shining brightly

From amidst darkness and pain


Dear little one

Hold onto yourself and stay strong

Many will hurt you and leave you

But you will always have your beautiful self


Dear little one

There is so much more I wish to share

So many words I could fill tomes for you

Advice and warnings you will one day learn


Dear little one

You will do so many great things

A world of possibilities lays ahead

Waiting for you to act


Dear little one

You will face many challenges

Life will be hard

Yet, I promise you, it is worth it


Dear little one,

Despite the pain and struggle

You will create beauty in this world

You will always find your way


Dear little one

Be strong. Be kind. Be brave.

And always remember

You are so very loved