Upon this precipice I stand

Comfort and complacency to my back

A world of possibilities lying at my feet


No matter where my gaze lands

Confusing opportunities lie ahead

Full of new experience and the unknown


Change is coming, like it or not

My world will shift beneath my feet

But will I stay standing?


Everything will change

A whole new world of experience

Reaches out to pull me in


As I stand upon the precipice

Emotions overflow in great abundance

Excitement, happiness, confusion, terror


Change is good they say

Change is just the way of the world

But if that’s so, why is it so hard?


Why does fear clutch my heart

As I look upon the road ahead?

Why does terror freeze my feet?


My mind is muddled

With what may be

And what may no longer last


I fight the confusion, trying to see

Trying to be what I think I should

What is expected of me


Yet my blankets form a cave

To which I long to retreat

A safe haven from what will come


Change is good they say

And part of me wants to agree

While the rest runs screaming

A mind split in two


An autistic brain seeking safety

Finding peace in that which remains the same

Finding comfort in patterns and routines


Yet the change will come, ready or not

I will be swept off the cliff into what lies below

But will I have my parachute ready?


I brace myself for what is to come

I steady myself against the ebb and flow

Preparing for all the change to come


Terror still clutches my heart, tightening my throat

Fear and sorrow still wrack my being

Yet I know I will overcome


Change is scary

Change seems bad

Change is paralyzing


Change is good

Change is necessary

Change is the way of the universe


Will I keep up?