It’s the taste of your kiss

On my salty, tear-stained lips

A breath of desperate hope

Cutting through the darkness


It’s the tight squeezing of wrists

Your hand encircling my arm

Pressing deep into my bones

To calm an anxious heart


It’s the pressure of your body on mine

A heavy horizontal embrace

The weight of your perfect body

Sinking in to ease my harried senses


It’s a tight embrace

Bodies wrapped like pretzels

The snug squeeze of reassurance

To calm a spiraling mind


It’s my arms around your shoulders

Your head buried in my chest

Salty rivers making paths down cheeks

As I stroke your hair to say it will be ok


It’s calm words to assuage the fear

Of not knowing what is real

Gentle reassurances offered up

To a mind warped and tumultuous


It’s arms flapping together

Bodies moving through space

In an intricate, beautiful dance

To calm the senses and the mind


It’s love in mental illness

Small gestures of adoration

Little ways to help the other

Through the grips of madness


It’s love in psychosis

The one rock that remains

Amidst the shifting tides

Of altered reality


It’s love in mood swings

Holding tight to each other

Through the shifting, whipping moods

From sky high to deepest depths


It’s a love that’s weathered many storms

A love growing stronger each and every day

A love unique in the challenges faced

A love that changes and grows and hopes


It’s the love of the mentally ill

Unexpected, unpredictable love

It’s love against all the odds

Beautiful, exquisite, joyous love