We lay in bed together

Like so many times before

My head upon your chest

Your arms wrapping around


You hold me near to you

And I rest into your frame

Perfect this should be

At peace I should feel


Yet my world is shattered

Small shards raining down

Sharp edges scratch my skin

As a storm brews within


Here I lay beside you

Yet it isn’t you beside me

Here we are together

Yet so alone I feel


This body beside me looks like you

The voice that speaks is yours

But you are nowhere to be found

Your mind a splintered fractal


How can I miss you when you’re here?

What is this desperation I feel?

How can we be alone together?

What do I do?


Your mind is shattering bit by bit

Your reality moving further from mine

Your body aches from constant movement

Your mind begs for a glimpse of peace


Your body lays beside me

A shadow of who you are

Your voice not quite right

Your face hard and cold


I miss you desperately and passionately

I miss you like a fish misses the sea

You are my rock amidst the storms

So what do I do now that you are the storm?