I write my pain out for consumption

Carefully crafted words etched out

To capture my turmoil on page

Each word to be consumed by you


My mental anguish becomes a stage

Upon which stories play out again and again

Each play a little different than the last

With an unchanging cast of mental illness


You read my carefully chosen words

You consume the pain I’ve put on page

And as you read each newfound tale

A piece of my pain becomes your own


I write my pain out upon the page

To process the maelstrom of my mind

With each retelling it chips away

Easing my burden by spreading it around


To you, my reader, I speak words of thanks

For each time you imbibe of my tumultuous words

The agony within grows smaller yet

The weight of my troubles shared on many backs


I write myself to be consumed

Pour my heart upon the page

Spill my mind out in words

In order to know

I’m not alone