In creeps the darkness

Slow as the morning fog

Sulking in without notice

A cloud settling upon the mind


The dark fog clouds every thought

Warping shapes in the distance

Dampening everything it touches

Darkening the world around me


Encroaching upon the mind

The darkness takes and takes

Gaining ground inch by inch

Until all is encompassed


The darkness presents as an old friend

With reassurances of comfort in the known

It settles into the chair in the corner

Preparing itself for a long visit


The darkness disguises and masks itself

Wearing many faces to befuddle

Keeping its identity hidden away

In order to solidify its stay


I fall under the weight of the darkness

An unbearable heaviness filling my chest

My mind crumpling beneath the fog

All hope obscured


I don’t recognize the darkness at first

Though it may be an old familiar

It takes time to realize it has come to visit

Even then I don’t know what to do


How do I find the way out

When my mind is clouded?

How do I fight the darkness

When all hope seems lost?


One day the sun will rise

To wipe away the fog

And the skies will clear

And the darkness will fade


Until that time comes

I hold strong against the dark

Fighting to hold onto me

To not get lost in the fog