It’s a life lived in extremes

Extreme emotions, extreme senses

Ever changing, always interesting


Emotions flow readily and rapidly

Swinging from the heights of joy

To the depths of dark despair


Happiness radiates and resonates

Growing to exuberance

Until it must be released


Flapping hands create a dance

Bouncing bodies move to the rhythm

Of joy unable to be held within


Despair plummets the soul

Deep into the deepest pit

A crushing darkness overwhelming


Bodies move to ease the pain

Rocking, flapping, hitting, kicking

Trying to escape the pit


Senses fluctuate and change

From too much, too much

To not enough, never enough


Small sounds can cause pain

But also can the ears hear

Exquisite beauty unknown


Sometimes ears hear not enough

Needing something more

The right sounds bringing such joy


Touch can be so sensitive

The brushing of clothes

Is completely intolerable


But also the right touch

The just right touch

Is exhilarating


Minds unique but similar

Find the beauty in the details

The exquisiteness of exactitude


Repetition and routine bring peace

Sameness comforting and pleasing

Just right for an extreme mind


It is a life lived in extremes

Extreme emotions, extreme senses

Extreme living is the autistic way