A few small words

Fall from your lips

And into my ears

Drilling through my mind

Creating a whirling spiral


Thoughts cascade

Faster than comprehension

A lifetime played out

Though a lifetime too short


Just a moment passed

A short moment between breaths

But my mind has created the script

For the movie I never wanted to see


I watch you decline

Watch your health fail more and more

Until finally



Too young, too young

How can you be taken so young?

Such brilliance and charm

Such a marvelous person

Why does it have to be you?


Disease robs us of so much

Of health and happiness

Of money and wealth

Of time and productivity

And possibly your life


How can I consider a world

In which you no longer exist?

How can my world go on

If you are not by my side?


Tears stream down reddened cheeks

A sob caught in a tight throat

Only moments have passed

As my nightmare played out


You look on with incredulity

Unable to comprehend

The drastic shift in demeanor


The spiral slows

But tears still fall

An aching in my chest

At the idea of losing you


Disease has already stolen so much

This unknown disease that takes and takes

We give it names and possibilities

Trying to find answers

And we muddle through

Always holding hope

Because at least it isn’t that


But what if it is?