There is beauty in the ways we move

Every flapping hand and tapping leg

Every spinning, rocking, bouncing body

A symphony of stims

Producing an ethereal melody

The flowing motions of bodies always moving


A special joy lives in our interests

A bubbling, warming, overflowing joy

Derived from our obsessions

We become troves of information

Ready to share at any moment

Wanting to spread the radiance we feel


We build our days with routines

Comfort and peace live in repetition

That which brings a sense of calm and safety

These motions carried out again and again

In a familiar pattern known deep within

Carry us through our days


We see the world differently

Noticing the beauty of the smallest details

The world colored in crisp black and white

Experiencing senses, emotions, life so intensely

Possessing minds that find the solutions others can’t

Seeing magnificence in that which is so often overlooked


Our lives are piles of good and bad things

Just like yours or anyone else’s

The good neither erased nor overshadowed

By that which is unpleasant

And so we call for acceptance

Of all the good and even the bad


Autism awareness is coming

But that will not help us

Awareness paints us as monsters

Burdens, tragedies, problems to be fixed

Highlighting all the bad

While throwing out the good


And so we go Red Instead for acceptance

And call upon you to join us in this fight

We are done asking nicely to be seen as human

We now demand acceptance

Acceptance of brains that work differently

Acceptance of the things you do not understand


For there is good in autism

There is beauty in the ways we stim

Special joy in the intensity of our interests

Peace and safety in the routines we build

Advantages to minds that developed differently

There is good to being autistic