This post is part of a series for Autism Acceptance Month in which I will be exploring various ideas and subjects relating to autism and being autistic.

Different not less

Our oft repeated refrain

Encapsulates that

Which the world needs to know


A mind developing differently

Starting from the first breath

Processes the world uniquely

Unlike so many others


This different mind

Makes different eyes

That look the same

But see so differently


A world viewed through different eyes

Reveals perspectives gone unseen

These eyes that see each pebble and leaf

See that which often goes unnoticed


This different brain and different eyes

Process the world through a different lens

Each experience shaping and crafting

A person growing more and more different


Our different eyes make different contact

Some avoiding all for fear of pain

Others making too much

Never knowing when to stop


Words may come easy or words may be hard

Or words may be easy depending on the day

But a lack of words is not a lack of communication

We speak in so many ways, if only you’ll listen


Hands flap and wave and flutter

Bodies rock and twist and spin

Legs bounce and tap and kick

Each movement communication


Some of us type our thoughts

Spilling words upon pages

Others sign their thoughts

With twisting hands


So many different ways

Communication in each

All valid and true

And worth listening to


We are different through and through

Built differently from the ground up

But just like you, there is good and bad

Neither cancelling out the other


We are different but never less

Different minds, different eyes

Different communication, different experience

Different but not less