This post is part of a series for Autism Acceptance Month in which I will be exploring various ideas and subjects relating to autism and being autistic.


Tic, tic, tic goes the clock on the wall

Louder and louder with each move of the hand

Drip, drip, dripping water falls from the tap

Echoing and growing to become infernal

The rushing of cars down the road

Joins the grating, painful cacophony

A world of sounds grown too loud

Beating away at my overloading mind


Like a spotlight upon the stage

The lights shine far too bright

Glaring like the force of the sun

Burning into my cowering eyes


Skin aflame, I long for release

Inexplicable urges to tear at flesh

Consume my being, overwhelming

Each grazing touch like knives

Painfully carving paths across skin

Even the glancing touch of clothing

Alights every nerve with searing pain

Too much, too much, too much


Inside is a squirming, wriggling sensation

Like a snake coiled up within my chest

Stirring up all that once laid still

Writhing about, ready to pounce


Senses overload, the world breaks down

All sounds join to become a roaring din

Light burns painfully into the mind

Skin grows too sensitive, each touch agony

My mind becomes chaos in the dissonance

Soon to resort to fight or flight

Shutdown or meltdown imminent

As the clock continues to tic, tic, tic