Golden beams fall on a world come to life

Casting radiance upon the newly born green

The earth alight with fiery brilliance

In the light of a just awaking sun


Purple hues spatter the edges of the forest

Mixing with whites and pinks and yellows

Dormant plants come back to life

And with them, so do I


The darkness that trapped me deep within

Has begun to release the claws that trapped me

Like the earth around me, my soul relights

Reborn in the joyous birth of spring


Together we grow; I find solace in their magnificence

With each budding leaf, with each new flower

I feel myself begin to bloom, alive with the energy

Now emerging from the dark slumber of winter


How poetic that we journey together

Myself and the earth laying dormant in the darkness

Coming life in the warmth and light of spring

Rejoicing in the release from that which kept us down


As I travel through the blooming woods

Filled with life and birth and renewal

I reflect upon myself and where I have been

Finally escaping the cold, dead claws of depression


Golden beams fall on a world come to life

And just as the radiant sun does

I rise