This poem is part of a series in which I explore old poetry from my school years. The poems capture the same essence as the original with some updated wording and imagery. 


Enter a world of make believe

Where reality drips away

Leaving a landscape transformed


A branch, carefully peeled,

stripped of ragged bark

Glints in the mind’s eye

Transfigrued into a magical wand


Some plain, young girls

Find the magic within


The trees grow bigger, taller

Small figures engulfed by the forest

The world disappears


Small glimpses of golden light

Escape through dense leaves

The girls hop between pools of light

Trying not to be caught in the shadows


A wave of the wand

Surroundings alight

The air heavy with magic

The girls rest in safety

Protected from evil


Whisper incantations

Soft enticing words

Conjure a fairy

To all play together


They can soar through the sky

Transfigure a tree into a dragon

They can do whatever they want

With wands and words


The trees begin their slow descent

Back down to the usual size

Wands clatter to the ground as branches

The pools of light lose their golden sheen

Magic having faded from the world


Four ordinary girls head home together

Trekking through the pale woods

But glimmers of other worlds

Still gleam within their eyes