This poem is part of a series in which I explore old poetry from my school years. The poems capture the same essence as the original with some updated wording and imagery. 

Dancing in the rain

Until your clothes soak through

And you don’t care that you’re wet

No, not one bit


Jumping in puddles

When the sun comes out

In your big rubber boots

Water flying up around you


Making necklaces of flowers

Picked fresh from the yard

Carefully tied together

A present for your friend


Scampering through the fields

On a hot summer day

Through the flowers and the grass

Don’t step on a bee!


Swimming in the town lake

‘Til your skin turns red

And you’ve wasted the day away

And you’re happy, truly happy


Swinging on swings

Try to touch the sky

Soar through

The warm summer air


Jumping in piles of fallen leaves

As they crunch beneath you

Doing tumbles and twists

In your fortress of autumn wonder


Running through the woods

Golden light streaming through

Ruby red leaves and barren branches

An enchanted place to play make-believe


Hiding your face behind a mask

As you run through the dark streets

With your group of monsters

Yell “Trick or treat!”


Sledding down great hills

Trying to stop before the trees

Bitter wind biting at your cheeks

As you glide over the snow


Making snowballs and snow-angels

Staying out in the snow

Till your cheeks are pink

And you can’t feel your feet


Leaping out of bed

To see what santa left

Opening all the presents

Wishing “Merry Christmas” to all