This poem is part of a series in which I explore old poetry from my school years. The poems capture the same essence as the original with some updated wording and imagery. 

Loss is like wallpaper

Lasting a while

But in time wearing down

Fading, ripping

Colors become dull

Finally being replaced


Like old wallpaper

Attempts are made

To veil the ugliness

With pretty new patterns

Smiles and laughter

Lying mask of happiness


But beneath the layers

Of the beautiful and new

Slumbers loss

Revealed when the layers

Are peeled away


Like an onion

Layers of loss

Must be peeled away

Revealing the core

Exposing the slumbering soul

Hidden beneath


Hidden layers of loss

Others do not see

Until they scrape away

The exposed layers

That are easy to look at

And searching for the pain

So it can be removed

Stripping away

All the layers of wallpaper

That surround the soul