The Darkness hungers

In the dead of night

For other souls

To join the plight


For misery loves company

Or so they often say

But even in the biggest crowd

The Darkness holds dismay


The Darkness hungers

To infect more and more

To leave us aching

And begging at death’s door


The Darkness surrounds

And traps and binds

People who have lost the way

Now trapped in their own minds


The Darkness hungers

For more souls to trap

Who must wander through

Unending night without guide or map


The Darkness lives

In the souls it invades

Their hosts wither away

As all light begins to fade


The Darkness waits

Lurking in shadows

Patiently hiding away

Until it takes the one it chose


For we are the victims

Of the beastly Darkness

On our hopes and dreams

Feeds the beast, itself heartless


The Darkness hungers

And lingers and waits

It surrounds and traps

Playing out the strings of fate


Yet the Darkness will fall

Lay destitute at our feet

When we rise up and fight

‘Til the battle is complete


Light will win and Darkness will fall

We will rise up to take back it all


Minds reclaimed and souls re-won

The Darkness fades, our story done