In the dark of night a cold creeps in

A palpable chill that steals our breath

The darkness swirls and churns and beats

Thrumming with agony consuming his being


An oak tree, strong and tall, begins to quake

Its branches shuddering in the whipping winds

This tree so old, so strong, so enduring

Begins to creak and crack and break


The glowing beam of the lighthouse fades

Consumed by darkness, light dwindles away

The old, tall tower once welcoming and bright

Succumbs to the power of unending night


And in the darkest shadows of fearful night

The dams let loose their torrents of fright

Gushing, gurgling water pours quickly

A sight to shake all those who bear witness


My rock, my light, my strength, my love

Breaks under the weight of one thousand worlds

His breath gasps out beneath the crushing weight

His weak voice cracks and whispers and breaks


Unending pain and malfunctioning neurotransmitters

Combine to destroy the will of this brilliant person

Once a towering beacon of brilliant power

He now cowers on the floor like a wounded beast


His voice bleeds with untold agony

That gushes forth from burning eyes

Between gasping breathes and broken cries

Desperate words spill out to paint the scene


He pleads for death, for all to cease

Drowning in pain, he begs for release

I cower in fear, my idol broken

My heart shattering with every fragmented word


I hold him tight in shaking arms

Showering him with kisses and compassion

My trembling hands wipe away torrential tears

My aching soul yearns to encompass his with warmth



Slowly the broken sobs drift to quivering breaths

His trembling body begins to grow still

The rushing river dribbles to dripping tears

A calm rolls in to ease our frantic fears


The night is not yet over, and darkness remains

But a small, weak glow begins to shine forth

Wrapped tightly in a lovers compassionate arms

My strong, battered oak drifts slowly to sleep