(This is a continuation of Dear Little One dedicated to my beautiful niece)

Dear little one

We say goodbye

For far too long

And in too much pain


Dear little one

I watched you go

Back to the place

That some call home


Dear little one

I dry my eyes

Of tears shed

On your behalf


Dear little one

The journey will be hard

With many hills to climb

And many battles fought


Dear little one

You’ll find your way

Through darkest night

And hardest day


Dear little one

My heart aches for you

As I look ahead

At all to come


Dear little one

I know you’re strong

A beautiful soul

That will prevail


Dear little one

I wish I could take

Your battles and strife

And make them mine


Dear little one

I wish to ease your struggles

But know you must fight

To grow and blossom


Dear little one

Life will be hard

Harder than for most

A broken road

Lays at your feet


Dear little one

How I wish I could save you

From all that has passed

And all that is to come


Dear little one

You don’t need saving

For you are so strong

And brave and kind


Dear little one

You are so much more than you know

You are a light shining brightly

From amidst darkness and pain


Dear little one

I am always here for you

Whatever you need

No matter the cost


Dear little one

My love for you overflows

Like a river in spring

My love gushes forth


Dear little one

Hold onto yourself and stay strong

For many will hurt you and leave you

But you will always have your beautiful self


Dear little one

Please don’t let their words in

Don’t listen to the voices

Of those who hurt you


Dear little one

Stay true to yourself

Don’t let others dictate

Who or what you should be


Dear little one

You are a glowing star in the night

A beacon of hope and love

A phoenix rising from the ashes


Dear little one

You will do so many great things

A world of possibilities lays ahead

Waiting for you to act


Dear little one

I love you more than you could know

And my heart breaks apart at the thought

Of how long until we will meet again


Dear little one

There is so much more I wish to share

So many words I could fill tomes for you

Advice and warnings you will one day learn


Dear little one

Despite the pain and struggle

You will create beauty in this world

You will always find your way


Dear little one

There are many battles to fight

So many mountains to climb

But I know you can do it


Dear little one

When you climbed into my arms

And clung tightly round my neck

All was at peace and all was good


Dear little one

I will miss you so

Miss your laughter and joy

Your triumphs and growth


Dear little one

I know not when we’ll meet again

Be it months or years or however long

But I know our love will prevail


Dear little one

You will always hold a piece of my heart

Given so long ago on a darkened night

As I held you tightly in my arms


Dear little one

The road is tough and the night so long

But one day soon, though too far away

We will see each other once more


Dear little one

You have faced so much

With so much more to come


Dear little one

You will prevail against

Whatever comes your way


Dear little one

Be strong. Be kind. Be brave.

And always remember

You are so very loved.