Autumn approaches

And with it comes hope

And fear and danger

Leaves turn and so does my spirit

Filled with the multi-colored beauty

Shadowed by ghosts of years gone by

Amidst the gently glowing leaves at dawn

My fears break against the shore

Lapping at my feet, again, again, again,

Cemeteries celebrate the season

And my ghosts come back to haunt me

Risen from the graves in which I thought they lay

Beauty and pain, hope and grief intermingle

Death and rebirth, the fading of summer

Warms days fall away, cold creeps in

Apples gleam upon sturdy, climbing trees

The smell of pumpkin spice filling the air

Not enough to chase away the specters.

Everywhere I turn lay reminders of pain

An aching deep within my weathered soul

Echoes of trauma carry through the wind

What a beautiful season in which to fall apart

Apparitions appear to cloud my enjoyment

Dragging me back to the fateful night it all changed

Amidst the celebrations and festivities

I run to be free of the phantoms that chase me

Maybe one day I’ll escape

But, for now, they drag me down

Down into the abyss

My heart always breaking, my soul shattering

Again and again

Lost amidst the shadows

Yearning to run through crunching leaves

Hoping to bask in the season

Yet drifting away as I battle for my mind

Autumn approaches

And with it comes hope

Clouded by fear of danger

Dark ghouls that haunt me

Reminders of years gone by

That I cannot escape, at least,

Not yet

But, one day, one autumn soon

I will be free