Broken words fall from lips cracked with disuse

A cacophony of disjointed noise and sounds

Disconnected from the essays streaming through my mind


My soul screams to be heard

Desperation pouring from my eyes

Salty rivers of overwhelming frustration


Limbs lash out in wild swings

A tornado of communication

Twisted into nothingness


This too small mouth with teeth too big

Clunks through shattered syllables

Lifetimes pass between each forced vocalization


I piece together meaning from the fragile shards

That dance in the light that grows and reflects

Through their sharp edges and surfaces like mirrors


Though I sit with those I love the most

I feel alone.

Trapped inside a body I can’t control


My mind casts meaning into the world

Desperately wishing that someone will find

The message in a bottle, floating upon their shore


Frustration fills me to breaking

Why! Can’t! I! Just! Be!



Words are the lifeblood that pumps through these veins

Words weave to form the tapestry of my world

Yet, in times of need, my words abandon me.


What a cruel twist of fate, a great joke of the universe

That I, the author and orator,

the one who adorned my body with the scrawlings of my soul,

That my words and I should engage in this star-crossed love