We live to dream of something better

To dream of a better world

To dream the dreams that may seem impossible

We dream of a world free of prejudice and hate

A world where all people are treated with kindness and compassion

To dream of a world accessible to all bodies and minds

We dream of a future where children are raised with love

Childhoods free of violence

A world in which all people are free to live true to themselves

A society that supports all people to live good and fulfilling lives

We live to dream, for when we dream of what could be, we plant the seeds of these dreams into the world 

A sapling on its own seems so small in the vast expanse of this earth

But, as the saplings grow, as more are planted, a great lush forest begins to spread

New life takes hold, our dreams become reality

As we look back over our lives, we see that the dreams we once thought impossible, may now seem attainable

We live to dream so that we may breathe hope into a hurting world and help to bring about the future of which we dream